Celebrate Life with Healthy Bites

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Snacking today is much more than a between-meal nibble. It has become a cherished break in the day. An after-school treat or that afternoon pick-me up at work. No longer mundane, snacking is a celebratory occasion for many.

Not only is snack consumption on the rise, but we are increasingly seeking exciting new foods to nosh. Driven by our insatiable curiosity to try new cuisines, the snack market is constantly evolving. Unfortunately many popular snack items today are high in calories, sugar and unhealthy fats.

But what if snacks could be delicious, fun to eat and healthy?

This is what CeleBites is all about – a diversified food products brand that is launching a movement to make snacking a celebration of life. With wholesome high-quality options inspired by global cuisines to savor our snacking moments.


The Mediterranean Diet

50325237-borek-or-pita-filo-pastry-with-cheese-and-spinach-fillingAnd to launch this food movement, we begin at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa – the Mediterranean. With its heart-healthy benefits, this diverse and tasty diet combines wholesome grains, fresh vegetables and lean proteins. Best of all, the Mediterranean Diet doesn’t compromise on taste.

Enjoyed for centuries by the Mediterranean cultures, CeleBites sources eclectic and universally appealing specialties from this region and beyond for its snack product portfolio. We focus on snacks that are celebratory, delicious and healthy.


The Celebites’ Way

CeleBites is a Brooklyn-based culinary activist collective incubated and launched in 2015 by Mesut Celebi. It has evolved into a full-fledged food brand aimed at bringing celebratory snack experiences to a wide audience. Our vision is to inspire a global food culture that channels the fundamental human desire for new and exciting flavors as a vehicle for positive societal change.

That includes healthier snack food options as well as promoting a better understanding of our world and diverse cultures through delicious food products.


We launched Celebites to be a platform for food inclusiveness and a collective representing the interests of the lay­food lover. Our inspiration comes from the diverse background of our founder, Mesut. A Kurdish Turk Dutchman, Mesut grew up immersed in the flavors and specialties of two continents and three major cities. This access has brought him a deep appreciation for unique food experiences, and a respect for the way food contributes to the pillars of a healthy society ­ family and community. In a rapidly globalizing world, Celebites believes experiencing a global menu is the right of all, regardless of geographic locale or economic situation. Our promise is to facilitate that inclusivity.


Why We Started the Celebites Movement


17197809-Turkish-specialty-pizza-with-parsley-and-lemon-Stock-Photo-lahmacunLike many business travelers, Mesut Celebi was frustrated by the lack of healthy snack options when he was on business trips. He’d reluctantly munch on chips, sweets and other high calorie snacks, wishing that he’d had better options.

Meanwhile, he noticed that when he travelled to Mediterranean countries, he often had tasty and nutritious snacks. Foods he enjoyed eating — celebrated even. He felt more alert and healthier. That got him to thinking how he could bring these delectable treats to the U.S. market.